Aplicación high batery

Today's mobiles increasingly offer us better features, incredible processing speed and are practically irreplaceable. 
However, there is a small detail that always affects us, and they are those 
applications with the highest battery consumption .

There is nothing more frustrating than having to stop a chat, a game or a web search, any of them at its peak, when our phone warns us that it has less than 5% battery left.

If you agree with me, I invite you to know the 5 applications that use a lot of battery, and how to know which of the ones you have on your Smartphone are doing it right now.

Top 5 apps with the highest battery consumption

Application hight consumption Ponturecarga

These 5 are applications that consume battery in the background and even more when you are using them, so take note:


WhatsApp is a messaging app that automatically uploads and downloads photos, videos, documents, stickers, etc. It doesn't compress files too much, so downloads tend to drain your battery, especially when the connection isn't too stable.

Its background functions include downloads and much more Also the called viedo function usually consumes a good part of the battery.


Something similar happens with Facebook. Hundreds or thousands of daily posts are attempted to load from the app , including photos, videos, ads, and much more.

It is estimated that more than 50% of Facebook users spend at least 1 hour a day connected to the platform, and that is enough to use a good percentage of the battery. Add to that the background notification activity, considering the number of posts your friends make throughout the day. 


No wonder this also én is c applications on more battery power: by their ability to share and see Stories of our Contac cough , uploading photos, videos, ads, etc.

Instagram also boosts battery consumption with its notifications in the background.


Currently the best-ranked Chinese messaging app , it consumes a lot of battery power. Not only for the part of text messaging or voice messaging on hold , but also for other functionalities such as the location-based social plugs "Shake", "Look Around" and "Drift Bottle", to chat and connect with local users and international using WeChat.

5. Google

We are not talking only about Chrome, but also about all the apps that the Internet giant offers us: Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive and Google Earth are some of the features that consume the most battery. 

How to know which applications consume the most battery?

Our Smartphones are designed to provide us with this information, we can find it in Settings > Battery> Use by Application .

In this section, the phone specifies how much battery the app has used while it is in use and when it is in the background. The best recommendation is then:

  • Limit notifications that you do not consider necessary.
  • Use the web versions of apps to lessen the burden of consumption.
  • Eliminate background activity from those apps.
  • Turn off unnecessary functions when using these apps, such as Bluetooth, Wifi or GPS.

Now that you know which are these applications with the highest battery consumption , we invite you to take measures to make your Smartphone last longer. Compa rte our other apps q ue have noticed that consume a large percentage of your battery.