Android Cheats

You can't imagine how many Android tricks you can do with your mobile phone! Discover these tips and improve the performance of your Smartphone.

Hundreds of times I have noticed, casually, that my Smartphone had features that I didn't even know existed.The feeling is the same as that of a child with a new toy.

So that we can enjoy this incredible sensation together, we have put together 5 Android tricks that you can practice with your Smartphone whenever you want.Some are very practical to improve the performance of your battery or take incredible images with your camera.

Keep reading and get ready to enjoy your new toy.

Top 5 Android tricks that will make you smile

Many of the tricks we show you here are nothing new, Android has always incorporated them into its system.You may know some of them, depending on which one you are familiar with with this operating system.

But chances are it will happen to you just like me and you feel like you've discovered warm water.


Compress and decompress ZIP files

For many it is a novelty that Android is capable of working with ZIP files. But not only does it offer the possibility of accessing and unzipping them on our mobile phone, but you can also create it, that is, you can compress files.

How to do it?

Access the Files folder and select the multiple items you want to compress and then in the menu you have the option to do it.This can be quite useful if you have full storage, as you can optimize space without having to delete any files.

Restart the mobile with the power button and the volume

Today seems to me the Middle Ages the times when you had to remove the battery from your mobile to restart it when it crashed .Now you can easily do it with the power buttons and turn the volume down in unison.

Android Tricks Ponturecarga

If you just want to turn it off, hold down the power button.

Activate developer options

This is a classic of Android cheats.Surely you have already heard of it but we can not leave it out on this list.

To perform this trick, just go to Settings/Device Info and tap the build number 8 times .The options are activated immediately but you must access them again in System/Advanced settings.

BONUS: Optimize RAM

Some Apps consume a lot of memory, so if you want to improve their performance, you only have to access the section on Settings, access Memory and discover which are the apps they consume.

If they are from third parties, you will probably find others with better performance that have the same function.

And that's it.There are many Android tricks that you can try with your Smartphone.This is just a brief brushstroke of what your phone can do.Maybe later we will talk about other tips to improve the performance of your mobile with Android operating system.