Internet 3G in Cuba

Below you can find additional and relevant information about the new Internet service of Cubacel:

Cubacel's Internet will be available for customers with phones that support 3G technology in the frequency of 900MHz, configured correctly with the Nauta Access Point and whose line has been identified with the use of Data previously.Subscribers who have already been recognized by the network and with the features described can buy the data package they want, without visiting the commercial office.Dialing * 133 # from your own phone and following the menu options You can buy the package and it will be discounted from the main balance.Cubacel send & aacute; an SMS to each client notifying when the data service is enabled.

How to activate 3G service in Cuba

& iquest; C & oacute ;; If my phone has access to the 3G network?

3G Internet in the mobile

& iquest; What are the data plans and navigation fees?

3G Sailing Rates in Cuba

3G Sailing Rates in Cuba

The client can buy a Nauta Plan (Bolsa Nauta) for access only to electronic mail at a preferential rate:

Bag Nauta

3G network coverage in Cuba:

3G network coverage in Cuba

For clients with the required features in their phones but who have never made a data connection and want to acquire the service, they can do so by configuring the Nauta Access Point, activating 3G technology and creating a first connection to data.It is suggested that you use the free navigation portals, or and from that moment the client will be validated and a message notification will be sent within 48hrs, announcing that the offer can be purchased.

Important  take note:

The bonus bonus of the promotion next week could not; be used to buy data plans or surf the internet without data plans.Only the main balance can be used to buy data plans or navigate without a data plan.& Nbsp;

The navigation rate in the Data Plans is lower than the navigation rate without purchasing a Data Plan (0.01CUC/MB vrs 0.10CUC/MB).The rate for navigation.n in local web pages is only 0.02CUC/MB. 

The navigation rate for access to Nauta mail from the phone, starting from December 6 will be Reduced from 1CUC/MBà 0.10CUC/MB.& Nbsp;

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