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In the previous article, we talked about the 
safest phones on the market today. However, you do not need to have the most secure phone for your communication device to be fully shielded against attacks of different types.

Viruses, device theft, identity and password theft, hacks, among others, are some of the most frequent ways of violating the security of your mobile phone. Alternatives used by cybercriminals for different purposes.

To avoid this type of situation, I invite you to know the applications to increase the security of your Android that you can install from the official platforms for this.

Top 5 applications to increase the security of your Android

There are much easier options to implement without the intervention of external applications, to increase the security of your mobile phone. But we'll talk about this in future blog posts.

App Security Android Ponturecarga

Now it is the turn to talk about the most popular apps to guarantee the security of our smartphone Check out the best ones below.

1. BitWarden

This is an app with which you can store all the data associated with your accounts, be it usernames or passwords. What it does is encrypt information and synchronize all data with other devices you use.

2. LastPass

Unlike the previous one, this is a closed source application, although it is the most widely used method of storing and managing passwords. It allows you to save your data and passwords safely, all using a master password.

When necessary, with the same app you can generate new passwords and usernames that are very secure and safe from any type of cyber attack.

3. DashLane

This application is as popular as the previous two. It also has the same functions, although it also integrates other tools that will help you to further increase the security of your smartphone.

4. Google Authenticator

This is one of the best two-step verification apps to protect your accounts on the apps or web platforms you use most frequently.

To use it, you just have to install the app, synchronize your Google account and activate two-step verification. Then you can see all the codes that the app generates. Keep in mind that the more layers of security you have on your device, the more difficult it is for those who try to violate it.

5. App Lock

And if you want to block certain applications to prevent other users from accessing it, App Lock is the best option.

It gives you the alternative of blocking access to the applications of your choice using a PIN code, fingerprint or a specific pattern.

And these are some of the applications to increase the security of your Android that you can install on your mobile phone. Remember to always install them from Google Play to make sure they are the official programs.