App against coronavirus

In many of the countries where the presence of the new coronavirus has been detected, different applications have been created with the aim of controlling the spread of COVID 19. The use of technology in these cases can be a great help in stopping the pandemic.

 In this article, we tell you about some of the anti-coronavirus apps in the world and what their fundamental characteristics are.  But the most important;  Are they effective in stopping this pandemic?


App contre coronavirus

 3 Apps against coronavirus in the world

 From applications to carry out a self-diagnosis, bluetooth-based technology to track contacts, and even the most controversial ones, those that use geolocation;  These are some of the characteristics of the apps developed in different countries to act against the pandemic.

 Below, we show you the most generalized examples.

 1. The Apple and Google app

 The companies have designed an app that sends a notification to the user if it detects that they have been exposed to the new coronavirus.  It works through bluetooth and can detect if the user has been close to another person who has also downloaded the app and tested COVID 19 positive.

 Technology companies assured that approximately 22 countries will be launching their own app based on the software that Apple and Google have designed.

 2. AU Health ExpressCare

 Emory and Augusta University, prestigious medical centers in Georgia, United States have launched a website and app that allows self-diagnosis to check if the user has any of the symptoms of the disease.

 The app also focuses on patients' risk factors, such as their medical history, as well as age.  Another element of great value is the place of residence, in this way you can easily detect where the foci of the virus are.

 3. COVID 19

 Most of the anti-coronavirus apps created in different parts of the world are informative, just like this one created by Apple.  COVID19 is free to download and helps users to stay informed and take the necessary sanitary measures to avoid contagion.

 The program has been designed in collaboration with CDC and under the guidelines established by the White House and the Federal Agency for Emergency Management.


 In this sense, the technological advancement that we can easily access from our mobile devices, can contribute to tracking possible cases, make a self-diagnosis to verify that we are healthy and inform us of the measures to avoid catching the disease.

 But none of this is possible without our cooperation and the proper use of these anti-coronavirus apps.  It offers true and real information when using these applications;  Only in this way can you really contribute to stopping the COVID 19 pandemic.