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has attracted attention around the world for its growing boom, being a fairly young app, created in 2020, and having reached 2 million users in January 2021 But maybe you just discovered this social network, and that is why I invite you to know what lubhouse is .

What is Clubhouse ?

Clubhouse app is basically a social network in which a user creates a "room" and invites other people to make a presentation , or to put it more simply, talk about a specific topic. This user will act as the moderator of the conversation, which can include up to 5,000 guests.

Now, Clubhouse has a certain air of exclusivity, since people can only register if they have received an invitation from a user on the network Likewise, when the presentation or conversation ends, it is totally eliminated.

Once you have been invited, you will remain permanently as a user. And at that moment, you can easily move from one room to another, and participate in the debate once the moderators give you permission you must request the floor by pressing the emoji of the raised hand ).

Topics range from influencer culture , feminism, fandom , popular myths, racial discrimination, and much more. They are so varied that the network ends up being as intense as it is addictive.

As it is still in its beta version, it has been implemented only for iOS, so Clubhouse Android will take a little longer to be released .

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Being such a recent app, it is normal that it raises certain controversies around it. We invite you to know some of the opinions that this social network has provoked:

Criteria for and against Clubhouse

In these moments, opting for a social network that is defined by the voice and not by the physical characteristics of the people is extremely progressive. On the other hand, with the rise of the podcast format, audio books and other voice materials, its use is expected to increase considerably in the coming months.

Without neglecting that celebrities are coming together en masse, as their relative privacy allows them to express themselves freely without fear that their words will end up in any gossip and gossip program. Drake, Jared Leto Oprah Winfrey Ashton Kutcher and Chris Rock are some of the personalities you can find at ClubHouse .

However, several media have been projected criticizing the lack of capacity of some moderators to control the debates around certain controversial topics. As well as the platform's reading engines to detect hate speech and conversations of a racist, violent nature, etc.

In this regard, the creators of Clubhouse have spoken out and announced next measures that regulate this type of content giving moderators the possibility to block, report or silence rooms, in order to investigate violations immediately.

It will definitely be something very necessary on a platform where the spoken message is the one that prevails. Therefore, the best way to define what Clubhouse is is by saying that it is a network that exploits the power of the word.