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How to extend the life of a mobile

We tell you some tips on how to extend the life of a mobile. This way you make sure your smartphone lasts longer.

Did you know that the average consumer renews their cell phone every 15 months, and that the average life of a cell phone is currently 18 and 24 months? This according to data from the MarketWatch site , focused on financial information. But, if you value money more and want to know how to extend the life of a mobile , today we give you 5 tips for that purpose.

5 Tips on how to extend the life of a mobile

Before starting, there is a recommendation / advice that, as we do not need an explanation, we do not include in the list, but which is the most important: Take care and protect your Smartphone , since it is the device that we handle the most on a daily basis and is exposed to inclement weather, falls and all kinds of accidents.

It is the main of all the mobile tips that you can find here. But if you want to know other tricks, keep reading:

1. Take care of the battery

There is nothing wrong with leaving the mobile charging all night, or that it keeps charging for hours when it has already reached 100%, at least not for the phone itself ... for the electricity bill it is something else. Now, you should try that the battery does not reach very low levels frequently, that is, that you use it until it reaches 5% battery .

Keep the level between 45% and 75% , and although it may be difficult, try to charge your mobile from time to time during the day. 

It is also good that you know how to know the useful life of a cell phone, or at least its battery: type * # 4636 # * to access the Android tests menu.

2. Ponl e cover and protector

Sometimes we trust ourselves with the manufacturing materials of our smartphones and we do without putting those extra protections that never hurt. Especially when we go outside and our phones face the sun, the rain, a pool or the beach. Look for a tempered glass protector, which will greatly reduce the risk of screen breakage .

As for the cases or covers , none offers 100% protection to the Smartphone, but having it is better than not having it .

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3. Avoid software updates after two generations

All mobile manufacturers provide software support for only a couple of generations of each device.

When our mobile has already been surpassed by at least two generations of the model or brand, it is advisable to avoid software updates , since these are usually adapted for quite large hardware changes, for which an older mobile is not prepared.

4. Turn it off from time to time

Stop asking yourself "how to extend the life of my cell phone?" and turn it off for a bit, okay?

Turning off your mobile at least once a week, or ideally every night when you go to sleep, benefits the performance of your device while extending its useful life This is because turning it off will completely stop all background processes and possible automatic updates.

5. Beware of viruses and malware

Although it is very rare for a mobile phone to be infected with viruses, sometimes they enter devices in the form of apps. Avoid downloading and installing apps from untrustworthy sources, and if you suspect that an app is affecting your phone's performance, uninstall it immediately It is also useful to have an Antivirus app.

With these tips we hope we have helped you to know how to extend the life of a mobile, so that your beloved Smartphone can accompany you for a few years.