Buy mobile safe

At present, a large part of world trade is carried out online and especially through mobile devices. 
Despite the convenience of buying online in this way, sometimes we risk our bank account by not purchasing products and services online safely.

In this sense, many people have suffered sad situations such as cyber scams, identity theft and other economic crimes associated with the financial information we offer while shopping online.

Therefore, in this article we tell you how to buy with your mobile safely so that you reduce to a minimum the chances of being a victim of this type of situation.

How to buy with the mobile safely? Tips to buy online

At Ponturecarga we are loyal fans of doing everything with our mobile. Surely you have checked with our post on how to work from your mobile phone . Therefore, we also believe that buying from our cell phone is an excellent option.

But only if we do it safely.

Next, we will give you some tips so that you can make your purchases from your mobile without risking your bank account.

Buy mobile safely

1. Only buy on trusted websites      

To check that a URL is safe, you just have to notice that before the site address put https, which is generally in green.

2. Connect to WiFi from a private network      

On public networks, you run the risk of having your passwords stolen and your accounts hacked. Therefore, connecting from a private network is safer when buying taking into account that you will be giving information about your bank details.

3. Official and verifiable applications      

If you are going to buy from the app of a virtual store, you must make sure that this is the official application of that company. Therefore, we recommend that you always download the applications from official sites such as Google Play or the iPhone App Store.

To verify that it is a safe application, you can also rely on the opinions of users who have already downloaded it.

4. Check that they use SSL technology      

This is the technology that allows you to encrypt all the information you give in order to store it safely. You can check this with the padlock icon or with the https protocol.

If it shows up as an unsafe site. Don't buy there for the world!

5. Check the reputation and social networks of the company      

Before making any purchase, make sure that the company has a good online reputation and that it has various communication channels with its customers. These must be active recently and show daily interaction.

Now that you know how to buy with your mobile safely tell us if something we have told you is new information.