International Amor Recharge
It is no longer a mystery for Cubans that they can enjoy a International Top-Up , without having to depend on a family member or friend abroad.Many websites and individuals allow Cubans to access promotions that include credit and bonuses for telephony and data.

However, many times there are unscrupulous individuals who take advantage of the economic instability in the Cuban family and they launch very expensive offers in which there are hardly any benefits.For this reason today we invite you to know the current promotion in force at, and why it is an excellent option .

What is the 8 International Top-Up? as of February 14 from

With the current recharge prices, ETECSA ensures that it is required to pay a minimum of 500 CUP to receive a bonus of 800CUP Initial figure that increases up to 700 CUP and even more, with private agents that operate from Cuba.

However, with Ponturecarga it is easier and cheaper.

If you receive a recharge between 500 CUP and 1250 CUP you get a bonus of 800CUP , if you are a relative or friend who resides abroad who recharges you.

However, you can also recharge from Cuba!

If reloads your number with 20 MLC , you will receive 22 USD of balance on the web and you can recharge directly by reaching 500 CUP and a bonus of 800CUP.

Are you interested? Learn how to recharge from Cuba with your own virtual wallet, enjoying the cheapest promotions of the moment.

How do I top up from Cuba with

Recharging from Cuba has never been easier! When you register at you have the facility of accessing a virtual wallet where you can deposit money from your Banco Metropolitano, BANDEC or BPA card.

We explain step by step how to do it.

1.Create your user profile

Once you access the page, you must register and create a user profile .Simply fill in all the form data, send it and wait to receive a confirmation e-mail with your Access Data, Username and Password..

With these data you can make the international top-ups you want from your profile.

2.Add balance to your virtual wallet

Once you have a profile on, you will be able to enjoy a virtual wallet to recharge your mobile (or whatever you want).To add a balance to it, you must follow the following steps:

1.Request the account number to which to make the transfer in MLC by this contact of Whatsapp: +34 673 22 39 02.