Security Smartphone

In previous posts we have talked about the 
safest mobiles and the applications that you can install on your smartphone so that it is safe from cyber attacks.

All of that is very good.

But, your phone can become an impenetrable bunker if you only follow the tips to improve the security of your smartphone that I tell you below.

It doesn't have to be the latest device released by Apple or Samsung, you don't even have to install apps to make it more secure. With the tricks that we tell you in the following lines it is more than enough.

Do you want to know how to have a more secure mobile phone? Well keep reading.

Top 5 Tips to improve the security of your smartphone

Users sometimes look for a thousand and one alternatives to make our phones more secure in order to protect images, personal data, accounts and passwords.

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But the solution in this regard is easier than you think. Follow these tips and you will see.

1. PIN number, pattern or security key and fingerprint

The first thing is to ensure access to your phone from the first moment. Some users deactivate the PIN code because in most cases they forget it, but this is a serious mistake.

This will help keep your phone locked in case someone turns it on or it is stolen.

Similarly, it is necessary to secure it with a password or fingerprint preferably.

2. Activate connections only when you are going to use them

Either bluetooth connection or WiFi it is necessary to use them only when necessary. Keeping them activated can lead to data leakage or the entry of viruses and malware, especially if you automatically connect to insecure networks.

3. Download applications from official sites

This is one of the tips that I never tire of repeating. Downloading applications from anywhere increases the chances of being hacked or that your phone can get viruses.

You can check this using a mobile antivirus.

4. Close all sessions

When you browse the internet with your Smartphone, it is best to do it on safe sites. Those that indicate https instead of http are the secure web pages.

Similarly, it should close all the sessions you open your navigation especially if you use the device to another person or public access as, for example, PC from a company you work for .

5. Update the software

Updating the software is enough to turn your phone into an impenetrable bunker When you update your software and applications, you add security patches that protect it against various threats.

And these are some tips to improve the security of your smartphone that you can implement easily and quickly.