Work from mobile

Today a smartphone with good features is an essential element to work, especially for those who use digital tools daily. Checking the mail, using social networks, reading documents, among others, are some of the work actions we carry out daily with our mobile phone.

In this article, we tell you some tips to work from your mobile phone effectively, taking full advantage of all the potential of your smartphone.

5 Tips for working from your mobile phone

To obtain the highest productivity when working with your mobile phone, it is necessary to follow a series of tricks that we will tell you below.

1. Organize the work

The first thing we recommend is to organize all the files and applications that you need to work in the same folder. Separate them from the rest of the apps you use for other purposes. In this way, you will know exactly where each of the files are and you will not waste time searching for them on your smartphone.

2. Make backup copies

If you work with documents or files that are saved directly in the cloud, you are more likely to lose nothing with any setback. Your phone can suffer any drop or problem in its operation, which would make you lose all the information.

With a backup, you will have all the data well protected in the cloud.

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3. Improve your battery performance

On the Internet you will find numerous applications to improve the performance of your mobile phone battery. And this aspect is extremely important to achieve the highest productivity of your smartphone while you work.

Be sure to charge the battery before it is fully discharged as this can shorten its life time.

4. Use the wifi instead of the data plan

If you have to stay connected to the Internet for a long time or you have to download large files such as long-lasting videos, we recommend doing it using a Wi-Fi network. These types of actions can quickly destroy your contracted data plan.

5. Disconnect

Having so close to you, all the time, the tool you use to work can be detrimental to your health. Since it is very difficult to disconnect from work, although it is necessary to do it for our good.

It is important that you separate leisure time from work and not let your phone keep you tied to your work obligations.


With these tips to work with your mobile phone you can get the most out of your smartphone and enjoy all the features it has for this purpose. We know that for many activities it is preferable to use a computer, but the smartphone can bail you out on numerous occasions.