Best Smartphones 2021
There are not few expectations around the major smartphone brands and their upcoming releases.That's why today we present you the best smartphones to launch in 2021 .

Of course, prior to a launch, there is a lot of mystery around any mobile, and multiple speculations are created.So we can only assume and be guided by the clues that companies are leaving, and other more or less reliable sources, regarding their future terminals:

Best smartphones to launch in 2021

This selection of the best new mobiles for 2021 undoubtedly reflects the great ambitions of their respective companies to capture the attention of users.Be amazed by the features that have been leaked:

1.Samsung S21

Samsung has proposed to design mobiles with infinite screens, To dispense with the notch , will S21 be the first to implement this technology? There has also been talk of a possible selfie camera below the screen.According to leaks, these would be the juiciest features of the Korean mobile:

· RAM 12 GB

· Storage 256 GB

· Battery 4000 mAh

· Exynos 2100 chip or Snapdragon 875 (market dependent)

2.iPhone 13

It is thought that the changes in the design of the next Iphone are not too many, although it has been suggested that perhaps a fingerprint sensor will be incorporated under the screen , and a considerable reduction of the notch.According to rumors, other characteristics that this device would have would be:

· 64 MPx + 40 MPx + 64 MPx

· ProMotion display with 120 Hz refresh rate

· Processor A15 from Apple

According to some sources, Apple has stated that it will not adopt USB-C, and that plans to release a portless iPhone this year .So the chances that one of the versions of the iPhone 13 comes without a port, depending on wireless connectivity and charging, are quite high.

 Best smartphone Ponturecarga 2021

3.Xiaomi Mi 11

This terminal will have a borderless layout and a revolutionary front camera at the bottom of the screen .It is estimated that the Xiaomi Mi 11 would have the following characteristics:

· 6.9-inch AMOLED screen with 144 Hz

· Renderer Snapdragon 888

· RAM memory of 16 GB

· 5,500 mAh

· 108 MPx + 40MPx + 8 MPx camera , with PDAF support and image stabilizer

4.Huawei P50 Pro

Actually, the greatest expectation around the Chinese technology giant is not in the features that it will offer, but in the operating system that it will incorporate .Harmony OS will be the system that will replace Android for Huawei .

What features will it offer? Will it have limitations in terms of apps? We can only wait to see.

5.OnePlus 9

Although not much is known prior to its launch, it is believed that the next OnePlus terminal will have 3 versions: 9 , 9 Pro and 9E .The latter being the cheapest version.Some leaks indicate the following features for mobile:

· Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 888

· Operating system Android 11

· RAM memory of 12 GB

· Storage 512 GB

· Battery 5,000 mAh

· 64 MPx Sony IMX 686 cameras

As additional data, it is believed that the OnePlus 9 will have Dual SIM, but it will lack support for SD memory, so the storage will not be able to expand.

What do you think of the predictions regarding the best smartphones that the most followed companies around the world will launch in 2021? We invite you to leave us your point of view in the comments.