Wi Fi Ponturecarga

For obvious reasons, it has become absolutely essential in the day to day wireless connection system (WIFI). However, they are easy to hack and there is a whole legion of friends from other people trying to access this type of connection. But this will change thanks to the imminence of a new protocol, WPA3, which seems completely inaccessible.

This new protocol, which has been finalized by the Wi-Fi Alliance in collaboration with manufacturers, breaks with everything developed to date and incorporates new features that make impossible the attack techniques that have done so much damage to the systems.

The new protocol will require the arrival of new compatible routers that will render current ones obsolete

"One of the improvements is that it avoids attacks of" brute force "or based on dictionaries, which consist of using word lists to try to find out the password", explains Fernando Suárez, vice president of the Council of Computer Engineering Colleges. For this expert the new protocol initiates a new stage in the security of the connections and it was something necessary, since the WPA2 -the safest encryption that can be used at present- dates from 2004, "a barbarity of time given the vertiginous Technological progress explains Suarez. "

One of the advantages of the new protocol from the user's point of view is that it will be completely 'invisible' to him and will not require complex combinations or advanced levels of knowledge. In this sense, it will be enough to access the router with a password, as was the case until today.

But the new protocol will require the arrival of new compatible routers that will render the current ones obsolete. "WPA3 breaks with a tradition in computing, which allows protocols to be used by older computers," explains Fernando Suárez, "WPA2 devices can not connect to WPA3 networks precisely to ensure their security."

It is expected that WPA3 reaches the user at the end of next year with new routers in the market and it is expected that operators will gradually replace the devices supplied to their subscribers. However, the difference in the security of the connection will be such that users of old routers will be forced to replace them with a matter of pure personal caution.

Easy Connect will simplify the connection to the network of devices without a screen, those belonging to the so-called Internet of Things

In addition to avoiding attacks by brute force, another radical novelty that incorporates the new protocol is the so-called "forward secrecy", a technology that blocks the hackers if they still manage to access the connection. Thus, if an attacker succeeds in deciphering the router's password or accessing the wireless connection, even if he changes the password, he will not be able to access the information that is dated before the change. It is a way of closing doors to the step that will precisely give the affected user time to take action without seeing his information compromised.

The other great novelty of WPA3 is the incorporation of Easy Connect, a way to simplify the connection to the network of devices without a screen - those belonging to the so-called Internet of Things - in a secure way. This way of connecting will require the use of a QR code that the user must scan with the mobile to formalize the connection at certain levels. However, Easy Connect may take a little longer to arrive since it requires the intervention of manufacturers who must create codes on their products to adapt to the protocol.


Taken from: El País