Wifi afecta health ponturecarga

The scientific community has already given its final verdict on this question.

Although some continue to believe that the radio frequency emissions emitted by these devices can cause serious health problems, many even talk about cancer, the truth is different.

According to the report published in 2017 by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency and Health (CCARS) , WiFi is not harmful to health, so it cannot cause cancer.

The report corresponds to more than 350 studies carried out around the world, between 2013 and 2016.

Before the report

Before the aforementioned report was published, there were many doubts and concerns around the world about the electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile devices and WiFi devices .

The antennas and other devices were even removed from schools and public places in countries such as England, France and Sweden.

In fact, even after it is proven that they are not harmful to health, many people still do not trust the verdict, declaring that it is just a ruse for companies to continue selling these types of products.

If you read articles or studies before this one, you will see the level of concern, considering that even the WHO had described them as possibly carcinogenic.

Wifi affect health

Does WiFi affect health? The reality of the issue

According to the report, exposure levels to these radio frequencies are hundreds or thousands of times lower than the maximum recommended by the World Health Organization and the European Union.

There are also no differences if data is transmitted or received, since the exposure is practically the same.

People are not at risk from this type of technology , although it is recommended to keep devices of this type away from medical devices Similarly, it is recommended to keep at least 15 centimeters away if you have a pacemaker.

If we think about it, almost everything around us emits radiation, from the Sun to a banana. In fact, most of the radiation we are subjected to comes from nature and many of the sources can be more harmful to health than radio frequency emissions from a WiFi network .

Therefore, all these statements are just myths that continue to be transferred from generation to generation, trying to find an explanation for diseases such as cancer. When we know that it is very difficult to determine the causes of these conditions, since the medical debate about them is not over.

The truth is that the WiFi does not affect your health , so you can stay connected no worries.