Sony Camera 2018

Sony has announced the sensor for IMX586 smartphone cameras that allows to record video in 4K quality at 90 frames per second. With 48 megapixels of resolution, it has a pixel size of 0.8 micrometers and Qual Bayer color filters for high sensitivity and image resolution when displaying four adjacent pixels of the same color.

According to the Japanese company, this super camera that uses CMOS semiconductor complementary metal oxide technology will be available on the market from September and the starting price will be 3,000 yen.

The new sensor of Sony integrates the variety of filters of color Quad Bayer, based in a system of conversion that groups 4 adjacent pixels with a same color and makes possible shots of high sensitivity, arriving at an equivalent of 12 megapíxeles to 1,6 micrémtros with dim light.

The sensor offers capture with a ratio of 30 frames per second and maximum video characteristics of 4K to 90 frames per second offering great recording and playback quality.

IMX586 also incorporates Sony's exposure control and signal processing technologies, allowing real-time outputs and a dynamic range four times greater than that of conventional sensors that avoid loss of detail with shadows.

Taken from: El Mundo