February Cubacel Promotion

Etecsa in this month of love has announced the largest promotion of Cubacel for next week, from February 18 to 23, from our website: PONTURECARGA.COM can recharge your family member, boyfriend or friend easily, quickly and safely . Our ponturecarga team leaves you the details.


From February 18, 2019, 00:01 (Cuba time) to February 23, 2019, 23:59 (Cuba time).

Promotional bonus:

Additional bonus of 50CUC.

Bonus validity:

50CUC bonus expires on March 14, 2019. The client Cubacel receives an SMS before the bonus expires.

Recharge 20cuc and receive 70cuc

Recharge 25cuc and receive 75cuc

Recharge 30cuc and receive 80cuc

Recharge 40cuc and receive 140cuc

Recharge 50cuc and receive 150cuc

Recharge 60cuc and receive 210cuc

Use of the bonus:

National and international calls and SMS (including SMS entumóvil).

Balance and bonus discount:

The bonus is discounted first, then Nauta plans and bag and last the main balance.

Restriction of the bonus:

Nauta email from your mobile or MMS. In these cases of deduction of the main balance. The bonus can not be transferred to other Cubacel customers, only the main balance can be transferred.

Balance and bond limit:

The maximum balance that can be had in the account is 3,000 CUC and 5,000 CUC of bonus. When the limit is reached, the client can not continue to receive recharges.

Check balance / bonus:

Main balance is consulted through *222# and the bonus through *222*266# at no cost.


The credited bonus is not shown on the ticket delivered to customers in physical stores, but the bonus is credited to the client Cubacel. When the Cubacel recharge is credited, it will send an SMS with the top-up amount, promotion amount, expiration date and transaction number.

** This promotion is carried out by Cubacel.

On our website, apart from being able to RECHARGE MOBILE PHONES to Cuba and other parts of the world, you can also RELEASE MOBILE BY IMEI and BUY SIM CARD (LINEA DE ETECSA)

You can also recharge the NAUTA account with ease to connect at the Wi Fi and NAUTA HOGAR points.

The operation is as follows:

1- Register on the web www.ponturecarga.com

2- Add balance to your Virtual Wallet

To add balance to your virtual wallet you must follow the following steps:

-Payment in Banco Metropolitano card (Cuba), Paypal or transfer to BBVA ESPAÑA (If you have family abroad)

Indicating your name and user email

3- Send email confirmation to info@ponturecarga.com with the amount deposited, User name and email

For any doubt or clarification write to

Humberto Hernández


Video: How to recharge Cuba in Ponturecarga