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We do not always have a stable Internet connection, and there are certainly some videos from 
Youtube and other networks that we would like to save and preserve. For that there are the best applications to download videos , and today we bring you our top with the " crème de la crème " in terms of these apps.

Top 5 best apps to download videos

These applications are mostly compatible with Android, but if you have a jailbroken iPhone you will surely find a version for your Apple device. If not, don't give up.

Most of these apps also have a version for Windows, so you can download your videos through your computer, and then convert them with the same software to watch them on your iPhone or iPad.

Without further ado, let's get started!

1. Vidmate

I could not leave the first podium to another app, because in my personal experience, it is the most complete and effective I have found, at least for Android. Vidmate is one of the best applications to download YouTube videos and more, as its search bar allows you to search both on YouTube , Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and much more.

In addition, you can use the Google browser from the app to better carry out your searches if you are not sure what you want to find. You can download in a wide range of quality and formats, and in addition to being fast, it does not download audio and video separately , and then combine them in a third extra step.

2. Snaptube

Snaptube is great, Porqu and can stream or download any video in a wide variety of resolutions and extensions It is also compatible with Facebook,, Instagram and others.

It will facilitate interaction with social networks and other video services. As a plus, MP4 videos are always available in resolutions of 360 pixels, or HD in 720p.

Ver vídeos Ponturecarga

3. Tubemate

With Tubemate , you can download videos from Youtube only. But the great advantage it offers is that you will be able to adjust the download speed, change the language of the subtitles and download the video as an audio file , with different audio qualities depending on the resolution of the video itself .

On the other hand, it has an integrated multimedia player, and a web browser within the interface. You can also download, pause and then resume the downloads according to your need.

4. Video Grabber

This application allows you to download videos from Youtube and other web sites , being able to save these in almost any format. It also supports the download of HD videos, being able to use this tool to download them without any limitation .

It incorporates a converter for video files that you want to take to Android, iPad or Iphone , among others.

5. Any Video Converter

This app supports quite a wide range of video inputs, helping you download videos and music in one step. Its latest version allows you to burn videos to DVD, and convert them to almost any output device, be it iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, Samsung and others.

You can find it for Windows or for Android, but in both formats we assure you a simple and intuitive interface, as we have CUDA technology.

Have you already used any of these apps? Do you think these are the best applications to download videos, or do you have a different experience? We would always love to hear your opinion in the comments.