Mobile phone Companies Ponturecarga

This ranking can be complicated because certain mobile phone companies operate in each country.  Similarly, the currently published lists differ from each other and it is difficult to design an adequate record.

 However, in this post we will talk about the best mobile phone companies in the world, taking into account their annual income and the number of clients they have active.  The richest in this regard are in the US market, but Europe also has its own.

 Find out which are the most powerful below.

Mobile Companies Ponturecarga

 5 best mobile phone companies in the world

 The list that we present in the following lines is based on the brand value and the income reported by these companies.  The most recent data correspond to the annual period of 2019.

 1. AT&T

 Its brand value is greater than $ 245.58 billion, derived from its service to more than 335 million customers.  It is currently in the process of expanding the Internet settings it offers to a much faster one known as GigPower in the United States.

 2. China Mobile

 This is undoubtedly one of the best mobile phone companies in the world, as it is valued at $ 215.3 billion.  It is considered by many to be the leading company in China, with almost 900 million subscribers.

 3. Verizon

 This American mobile services company is worth 191,720 million.  It is available in approximately 150 countries on different continents.  In 2018 it was positioned in this ranking in second position;  but the Asian giant took the lead.

 4. Vodafone

 The British company based in the European city of London, has branches in more than 25 countries and is worth approximately $ 68.41 billion.  With more than 400 million clients in its portfolio, these figures do not surprise us at all.

 5. América Móvil (Claro and Telmex)

 The great leader in the Latin American market has been created by Carlos Slim and shows a brand value of 49,385 million, reported thanks to the 280.6 million customers to whom they offer the service.


 Undoubtedly, the figures of the world's best mobile phone companies are amazing.  As I told you before, you may find other lists that differ from this ranking, but probably not much.

 Each one in the region reaps countless successes and above all accumulates great wealth.  Which allows them to keep competing in a highly contested environment by creating new marketing strategies as well as additional new technologies.

 And you, what company do you have hired?