Surprising mobile phones

For many 
people the new features of the most modern smartphones are no longer surprising features that a mobile phone can have.

With each new phone that comes out on the market, the newest things we can see are improved functionalities, cameras that are added or the improvement of some of the functions that they already had.

Therefore, the most surprising mobile phones that we show you in this article will really make you marvel at the curious features that they present.

If you are already bored of seeing the same features in every smartphone that goes on sale, stay until the end to discover some of the most surprising phones that you probably did not know.

Top 3 Most Amazing Phones

The mobile with the best camera, the phone with the longest battery or the smartphone with the best performance are already well-known devices in the market and by consumers.

Although some of the devices that we show you below are already considered almost relics of mobile telephony, it is worth highlighting them in this list for their curious features.

Polyvision Phone

This is the first transparent mobile to hit the mobile phone market. Almost all the components are made of glass, except the battery and the SIM card , which is reduced to the maximum for better aesthetics .

It is a device with a futuristic appearance that as soon as you turn it on makes us believe that we are in a fictional movie. It has all the features that a modern mobile phone should have but all concentrated in a transparent device.

Huawei Mate X

In 2019 Huawei presented the first phone with a folding screen and 5G connectivity.

The phone cu enta with a hinge that took them 3 years of development the company and is patented. Its starting price was set at $ 2,600 and has all the features of a high-end phone.

LG G8 ThingQ

And if it is about security, this LG model presents a high level protection system. It includes a very novel technology that is concentrated in its Z Camera. This camera has 3D ToF technology with infrared rays that allows the phone to be unlocked by identifying the veins in the user's hand.

In addition, it includes improvements to the face lock function and allows to calculate depth of field for photos in selfie mode efficiently.

And this is our ranking of the most amazing phones 

We are sure that in the future more curious and futuristic models will be launched, of which we will be amazed with all their features. 

But so far, enjoy the ones we've shown you on this list.