Most Downloaded games

Most downloaded 
android games

Find out which are the 5 most downloaded Android games from the Play Store Casual and strategy games, which one is your favorite?

Without a doubt, mobile games are a very entertaining hobby that can even help us release stress. In this article we will tell you which are the most downloaded Android games this year.

Most downloaded Android games in 2020

You will be surprised to know that the one at the top of this list is a casual game , a genre characterized by fast and uncomplicated games. Others are once again among the most downloaded despite having been in the Android app market for more than 5 years.

Most Downloaded games

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1.Stack Ball

In 2020 this game is positioned in the first place among the most downloaded Android games with c so 85 million downloads StackBall is a casual game for Android that consists of traversing a stack of blocks using a ball, in order to reach the base.

The latest version contains new mechanics that will make the game experience much more fun. It is a simple and at the same time addictive video game that without a doubt will catch you from the first level.

2.Subway Surfers

Perhaps the title sounds familiar to you , since it is from one of the most popular Android and IOS games This year alone, it accumulates more than 50 million downloads , preceded by 1,000 million in 2019.

In this video game type endless Runne you play as a boy skating at full speed through the platforms of the subway to escape the police. You must collect coins and various rewards as you go.

Ready for action?

3.Crowd City

Ready to conquer an entire city with leadership Well, that's what the fun multiplayer game is about, in which you must try to enlarge your population without neglecting it, with the aim of being the largest mass of people in the city.

When you meet an enemy, watch out! Well, you can die if its mass is greater than yours. If you like the casual genre, this one will get you hooked right away.

4.My Talking Tom 2

If you are a pet lover, but a real disaster with flesh and blood, this adorable virtual kitten may make you fall in love. This is the original character that gave rise to many other virtual pets such as My Talking Angela , My Talking Jiraffe , etc.

Besides feeding him, bathing him, playing with him and putting him to bed, you can earn coins through mini-games with which it is possible to buy all kinds of accessories.

In 2020 the app has come to almost 20 m illion downloads .

5.Candy Crush

The saga Candy Crush is a classic dating from 2012 and that this year collects about 29 million downloads For many years it was positioned as the number 1 app in revenue on Google Play , App Store and Windows , being one of the most profitable games so far.

It is a game of bright colors and challenges that get more complicated, where you will have to exchange positions of two candies to align groups of three, four and up to five of the same type and color. Each of the numerous versions that include jellies, soda and all kinds of goodies will make you spend time in a very entertaining way.


All these apps have been overwhelmingly successful, so what are you waiting for to have one of the most downloaded Android games?