Most Downloaded IOS games
Apple devices, 
due to their performance, are ideal for all types of games. That is why in this article we show the games iOS more unburden you today.

You will be surprised to discover some of the applications we have on this list.

5 most downloaded iOS games in 2020

Most Downloaded Ios games Ponturecarga

Not only are they the most popular iOS games, but they have a long history in the Apple Store, making them practically classics. Find out what each one is about:


Minecraft is a classic of the Sandbox genre , characterized by great creative freedom and non-linear development In the game you can make free constructions using cubes with three-dimensional texture.

Explore the environment, defeat creatures or other players, collect resources and create items with various uses.

Do you dare?

The main game modes are: Survival, Creative and Extreme.

2.Plague Inc.

It is a set of extremely powerful strategy created by the study NdemicCreations in 2012. great caused quite a commotion as the aim of the game is cont rolar a pandemic that has generated patient zero.

Your objective will be to infect and kill the entire human population, adapting like a plague to different environments and evolving.

You will have a time limit before humans develop a cure to kill you, or you may still lose if you annihilate the sick, but there are still survivors.

At times like today, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this has been one of the most downloaded iOS games , and also one of the most controversial.

3.Heads Up!

Heads Up! It is the most used social game in gatherings of friends and family It is intended to be played in pairs.

After choosing yours, you must choose from the decks that appear organized by theme. Place your Iphone on your forehead, and get ready to guess the word shown on the screen through the explanations of your playmate.

If you get it right, you must turn the phone by turning it face down, if you want to pass a word, you turn it by placing it face up (all this without moving the device from your forehead). You will have 1 minute to get as many words right.

4.Rebel Inc.

Strategy game with tons of content and options, also from the creators of Plague Inc. Makes you the governor of a small region, right after the country has won a war and the soldiers return home .

You must take charge of the entire population , ensuring that this access to clean water, food, vaccines , etc You will have to eliminate insurgent groups, which have advanced military technology and, in addition, manage the resources of your region and win the support of your people.

5.The Game of Life

The Game of Life is board game with more than 100 years of history turned into an app for iOS It consists of competing with several players, who can be real or controlled by the computer.

Start by spinning a virtual roulette wheel and decide between the challenges , which can be : choosing a career, progressing at work, getting married and having children, etc. Crucial moments have a cinematic twist.

It is also possible to compete with the other players in endless mini games .

What do you think of the most downloaded iOS games Have you played any of them?