Tricks Xiaomi
closely follows Huawei in popularity if we talk about Chinese smartphone brands Not only because of its excellent value for money, but also because of the large number of functionalities it incorporates into its devices. Today we bring you the best tricks for Xiaomi in 2020, so that you get the most out of your phone.

Getting to know my Xiaomi a little more

Xiaomi goes hand in hand with Android, but offers a layer of customization called MIUI , with two versions, Global and China. The first being a multilanguage, allowing you to enjoy Google and Play Store services, while the second does not have these.

Although you can install the Google Play Store from the Xiaomi App Store and then download the rest of the apps such as Chrome, Gmail, Facebook Instagram and YouTube with the Chinese version. After all, the Android system is free in terms of installing and handling applications.

best tricks for Xiaomi

Without further ado, we offer you 5 of the best tricks for your Xiaomi mobile :

1. MIUI 12 on any Xiaomi smartphone

One of the applications for Xiao mi that will allow you to enjoy the best features that MIUI 12 offers , is " Themes ". This app is constantly updated, anticipating what will come in the next operating system.

2. Two accounts, one Smartphone

One of the great advantages of Xiaomi applications is that you can have two accounts for the same app. For example: two Facebook , two WhatsApp , two Instagram , etc. You just have to go to Settings Dual Applications , and then activate the one you want.

This is especially useful if you manage a personal account and a business account, since this way you will not have to leave one of your sessions to enter the other.

Tricks Xiaomi Ponturecarga

3. Second space on your Smartphone

Xiaomi has given us the best way to establish parental control or share the phone without losing privacy if necessary. Its name is Second Space, and we could compare it to parallel universes.

Not to enter terminologies science fiction, it s e is what we call operating systems for computers Sessions , lock one and open another indifferently udiendo have a screen completely different in both apps installed there and you want access to those functions you choose.

4. One-handed mode

One of the most curious functions of the Xiaomi is the One Hand Mode, so called because it relocates the elements of the screen to a space where you can access them all with one hand .

If you have one hand busy shopping or on the dog's leash, activate the function from the quick access and voila Just make sure you get a good grip on the phone so it doesn't end up on the ground.

5. Lock apps with fingerprint

Finally, we leave you one of the MIUI 12 tricks that you definitely have to try on your Xiaomi If you want to be the only one using a certain app on your phone, you can block access to it using an unlock pattern or fingerprint if your mobile has that sensor.

Just go to Settings Applications App Lock On Up to 10 apps can be locked with fingerprint.

What do you think of these 5 best tricks for Xiaomi Did you already know any of them? If so, leave your opinion in the comments.