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The smartphones with the best cameras that we show you in this post are some of the best-selling technology items currently.

If the camera for you is an important feature and you really present and at when choosing a mobile phone, you'll love to know our ranking. It is a very common consumer preference, especially in an era where selfie and photography in general is so important.

We invite you to discover which are the smartphones with the best cameras currently .

Best Smartphones Cameras

Our ranking of the 3 smartphones with the best cameras of the moment

Without a doubt, the quality of the camera is an essential requirement when buying a mobile phone today.

Like the functionalities that have to do with its autonomy or performance , the benefits offered by a smartphone camera are elements that significantly determine its value.

If this is an aspect that you take into account when buying a mobile, discover which ones have the best cameras.

1. Google Pixel 4XL      

For most experts in the mobile technology sector, this is the smartphone with the best camera currently on the market. And at Ponturecarga we agree with this statement.

It has a 12MPX rear camera and a 16Mpx one Its front camera is 8Mpx. Surely you will think that these are not such significant advantages as to be surprised in an exaggerated way, but this is not what places it in the first place.

This stands out for the image quality it achieves, the sharpness and the color reproduction.

2. Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra      

It is here where the numbers begin to change and do generate a huge impact that affects the quality of the camera that this phone has.

It has a 12Mpx main camera, the same figure as in the ultra-wide angle. The telephoto camera with 64 Mpx manages to make up to 100x zoom and also incorporates an optical sensor of 108Mpx that is already the cherry on the cake in this smartphone.

3. Iphone 11 Pro      

The Iphone 11 Pro has 3 rear cameras of 12 Mpx each. One of its most acclaimed features is the 2x Optical OIS Dual Stabilizer that makes it easy to capture video on the go.

In addition, it has excellent features for taking high-quality selfies , even at night.

These are the smartphones with the best cameras of the moment So now you know which are the three candidates from which you can choose if you are looking for a mobile with a powerful camera.

Tell us which one is your favorite in the comments.