Top 3 Smartphone Ponturecarga

The mobile phone is it has become one more limb of our body.

We photograph each and every one of the times of the day (especially the happiest), we communicate with friends and family at any time, we count our steps and measure our heart rate, among other actions.

But there are numerous activities in which we must forget the mobile, since it can break or break the screen.

For example, to those who love to practice extreme sports or those who have a somewhat risky job, a conventional phone lasts as long as a cake at the door of a school.

Therefore, each More and more users opt for waterproof smartphones and a falls.If you are looking for a mobile phone with these characteristics, I invite you to discover the best options.

Top 3 more resistant Smartphones

Get to know the resistance level of a mobile phone It is very easy, you only have to observe the numbers that reflect your IP (Protection Index).

The first number indicates its resistance to dust.If you point to number 6, it means that you are fully protected against dust particles.

Top 3 Smartphone

The second digit
specifies your level of resistance against water.The 5 indicates that it supports splashing water.The 7 means that it is resistant to seepage in a complete immersion for a period of 30 minutes.Finally, the number 8 shows a longer immersion period already greater depth.

1.Cat S61 ($ 750 approx )

It is the last phone from series Cat rugged smartphones .Their numbers are really amazing, since it has an IP68 and IP69K rating, which indicates that it supports dives for a long time and is even resistant to high pressure water jets.

It has 64GB of storage , but the most curious thing is all the features it has.A thermal vision camera, a laser measurement tool and a sensor to measure air quality , are just some of the accessories that you can s found on this smartphone.

2.Cat S48 ($ 480 dollars approx )

Another phone in the Cat series occupies this list of the most resistant Smartphones on the market .It is resistant to extreme climates and unexpected drops.It has an IP68 rating and a powerful 4000 mAh battery.

You don't have the numerous functionalities of the above, but if you need a highly resistant smartphone for a minimal budget, this is your best option.

3.Land Rover Explorer ($ 840)

Also IP rated 68 el Land Rover Explorer is the best smartphone for the more adventurous.It has an application called ViewRanger which offers numerous < span style="line-height: 21.600000381469727px;">options for those who practice cycling, hiking, running, among other outdoor sports.

This and other features you can enjoy them with your Adventure package.

And this has been our list of the strongest smartphones on the market.

Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.