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Security is one of the requirements that consumers demand of producers of technological devices. 
In them, we store practically our entire life. Our personal data, private images and videos, passwords and lots of information that we do not want others to know.

Therefore, many users are looking for the safest smartphones on the market to ensure that all their personal information is well stored.

If instead of having the best camera, you prefer a super secure mobile phone, in this article you will discover which are the best options on the market.

Top 3 safest smartphones on the market

Regarding the security of mobile phones, the updates provided by the developers of each terminal are of great importance. The more up-to-date the security patches on your smartphone are, the more difficult it will be for anyone who wants to access your personal information.

In this sense, there is a debate among experts in relation to the safest smartphones Some guarantee that the safest operating system is iOS followed by Windows Phone because Android has some limitations that make its devices more vulnerable.

The ease with which applications can enter Google Play, the ability to manipulate applications by their manufacturers, among other aspects, are some of its main disadvantages.

However, Samsung in recent years begins to pamper its devices more, constantly releasing security patches. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S7 continues to receive security patches, although it was released 4 years ago.

Safeest Smartphones

However, in this aspect of the updates Google Pixel is king.

then discovers the phones safer world. I anticipate that the first does not belong to any of these companies.

Atos Hoox K31:

You will probably not find this phone in the mobile phone market. This terminal is used exclusively by governments in emergency situations, given its multiple functionalities to guarantee the security of the information it processes.

It is impossible, or very difficult to intercept and decrypt your communications But otherwise, it is an ordinary smartphone.

Google Pixel 4

With this smartphone you can not only enjoy a safe phone, but also its excellent camera and effective performance can be useful.

According to experts, the device has the best update support in the world Something that will allow you to keep your phone protected against any malware.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Taking into account that a large part of the malicious files have been created for Android, it is convenient to have the most secure terminal in this regard.

In this case, what better than the latest Samsung device. This ensures that manufacturers will not abandon updates over time.