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The Internet has offered the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.The better messaging applications have made it easier not to just talk with friends and family, but also meet people with whom we had lost contact.

In this article, we present the best applications of this type, emphasizing its multiple functionalities and advantages.

Best messaging apps

The best Of this top 3 is that all the apps are totally free .You may be surprised to discover a feature of your favorite app that you did not know.

Do you questions which is the best messaging app ? Keep reading.

Mobile applications


Telegram en a multiplatform messaging service that incorporates dozens of features that we briefly describe below:


ü < ! - [endif] ->You can edit the messages already sent, and delete them without others knowing that you have done it.

ü You can share images, music, videos, documents and location .


ü < ! - [endif] ->The number of members is infinite.

ü < ! - [endif] ->You can create polls.

ü < ! - [endif] ->Both in groups as in individual chats, Telegram classifies effectively shared files.

Additional features

ü < ! - [endif] ->The Telegram search engine is the most optimized , With a username or a keyword you can find groups, channels and people.

ü < ! - [endif] ->Telegram It has Free and paid bots , with which you can download music, videos, books, create memes, etc.There are bots for almost all purposes and many are free.


ü < ! - [endif] ->The app does not include video call option.


Whatsapp es considered the most used messaging app in the world .This and Telegram are just as popular, but the truth is that the number of WhatsApp users is higher:


ü < ! - [endif] ->Whatsapp synchronize your contacts with the app, keeping them in a section for contacts .

ü < ! - [endif] ->When you delete a message, photo or video, the other person receives a message that you've done it.


ü < ! - [endif] ->En WhatsApp you can create groups by adding your contacts , and people can access them through an invitation link.

ü < ! - [endif] ->There is a limit of members for each group.

ü < ! - [endif] ->Se they can create rooms to call multiple group contacts at the same time.

Additional features

ü < ! - [endif] ->You can create stickers for WhatsApp with apps designed for it.


ü < ! - [endif] ->They exist various apps on the Internet that allow you to hack into accounts of other people.

ü < ! - [endif] ->En groups where a lot of information is shared, it can be cumbersome to search for a specific file.


The app Messenger allows us to stay in Facebook , and although it is no match for the first two, the number of features and functions of the app must be very taken into account:


ü < ! - [endif] ->Se They can make calls and video calls.

ü < ! - [endif] ->Sample the stories from your Facebook contacts .


ü < ! - [endif] ->Se They can create groups with Facebook contacts.

Additional features

ü < ! - [endif] ->The app suggests companies and games depending on the likes and interests you show on Facebook.


ü < ! - [endif] ->When The connection is not very stable, the fact of synchronizing the contact stories can slow down the app and the messages.

So, what did you think of this top of the best messaging applications? Would you move from your current service to another one on the list?