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One of the biggest concerns for users with their mobile phone is the battery life. Due to the large number of functionalities that our smartphones currently have, the battery is one of the most deteriorating features.

In the settings of most of our mobile devices, it is possible to optimize certain options in order to improve the performance of your smartphone's battery. But, there are also other highly effective alternatives for this.

In this article, we show you which are the best apps to save battery on your mobile, both for devices that use the Android operating system and for those that have iOS.

Top 3 best apps to save battery on mobile

It is no secret to anyone that most smartphones do not stand out precisely for the duration of their battery. For this reason, these applications constitute extremely useful solutions with the aim of extending their useful life.

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Next, we tell you which are the best.

1. Battery Doctor

This application is available for both Android and iOS users. It is a battery saver that, among other features, allows you to stop applications in the background with a single touch.

It contains a tool to cool the battery that automatically disables all the programs that cause the battery to overheat. In addition, it blocks unnecessary notifications so as not to disturb the user.

2. Greenify

This app optimally manages battery life, disabling programs that are not working properly to prevent your smartphone from slowing down.

It has a simple and easy-to-use interface, allowing you to configure the options you want quickly and easily. It also has tips to save more your battery and have a smart ecological consumption.

3. DU Battery Saver

This is only for devices with Android operating system, but we have included it in the list because it is the best rated by users on Google Play. Like the previous ones it allows to increase the useful life of the battery significantly.

Automatically disables unused programs and has the option to cool down if it detects battery overheating. It has a widget to optimize from the main screen and with a single touch the use of the battery, thus closing the applications that are in the background.


Given the insufficient efficiency of many of the batteries in smartphones, even the most modern ones, the best apps to save battery life are an extremely useful alternative.

Test the operation of these programs that we have shown you and choose the one that best optimizes the battery of your mobile phone.