Wireless Charger

 Wireless chargers are a great and convenient option to charge our mobile devices when we are away from home and we don't have a place to plug in the charger.

 In principle, these devices were only chargers without cables, without more, but, little by little, the functionalities of these devices were increasing.  Today, the best wireless chargers for smartphones, in addition to providing power to your phone, offer numerous features.

 In this article, we show you which are the best for you to choose a powerful wireless charger, to fill your smartphone's battery optimally and quickly.

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 The best wireless chargers for your mobile devices

 With stylish aesthetics and features that go beyond just charging your phone's battery, these wireless chargers have become a 'must have' for mobile tech lovers.  Next, we show you which are the best on the market.

 1. Belkin Boost Up, Wireless Charging Base

 This is a wireless charging base that you will find in black and white colors, generally.  Experts classify it as a reliable and safe charger, which is optimized for Qi-enabled mobile devices from Apple and Samsung companies.

 Charge devices as quickly as possible and transmit energy through plastic cases up to 3 cm thick.  Includes a quick charge adapter with cable over 1 meter long.

 2. Dual Seneo

 This wireless charger is exclusive to Apple and for this reason it is in second place in the ranking.  With this device you can charge your iPhone, airpods and Apple Watch in a single device.

 It has a nightstand charger and a storage space for the excess cable.  Likewise, it is a safe device that offers protection against overheating and short circuits.


 This is one of the best fast wireless chargers, ideal for those times when you need to use your device as soon as possible.  This model has an independent temperature control and also works as a support for your mobile phone, even if it is not charging it.

 It is necessary to take into account that fast charging devices will fill your phone's battery in a few minutes.  But, if you are looking for an optimal state of energy, we recommend using the standard chargers depending on what your smartphone model is.


 These are some of the best wireless chargers you can buy today.  Taking into account their multiple benefits and the utilities from which you can benefit, the price of these chargers is quite affordable.

 Its current value is between 17 and 30 euros and most devices come with different accessories that make their use easier.

 What do you think of wireless chargers?  Do you use any  Tell us in the comments.