Unlocking methods smartphone

Our mobile phone has become one more limb of the body. 
We don't even let go of it to go to the bathroom (in that case, much less) Some of us have even devised the way to 
work with our smartphone thanks to all the features that it allows us to enjoy .

Therefore, security is one of the most important aspects to take into account on our phone. And we have already talked a lot about this on our blog.

We have told you which are the safest mobile phones on the market, the applications to turn it into an impenetrable bunker, as well as some security tricks, valid for any operating system.

This time I want to tell you about the best unlocking methods for your smartphone In this way, you make sure that only you access your phone.

Ready? Well, we started.

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Ranking of the best unlocking methods for your smartphone

There are several methods to lock your smartphone. The pattern, the pin or the security key, the fingerprint, among others. Some prefer not to use this functionality and just swipe to access their phone, however this is an unsafe practice.

If what you want is to protect your privacy locking your phone below, I will tell you the best options.


Did you know that there are about 380,000 possible combinations regarding the access pattern?

So is.

This drawing in which you must join at least 4 points without going through it twice is a medium-level security method.

The most common pattern is the one that forms an L. Therefore, we recommend not using it as it can be easily discovered.

Make sure you don't leave fingerprints as you can hint at what your pattern looks like.

Safety pin

The security pin or key is a 4-digit numerical combination that has about 10,000 combinations. So, compared to the pattern, the pin has a rather low level of security.

This is not the case with Apple devices that have the iOS 9 or higher system, since these give you the possibility of inserting a 6-digit number, which increases the combinations to one million.

However, it is also possible to decipher the pattern if we place the screen under an adequate amount of light. So again, I advise you to clean your screen.


The password is one of the most secure access methods. These are made up of numbers, letters, and special characters. In this way, the combinations are practically endless.

It is a little-used method because access with very long passwords is difficult, when what we want is to open our phone now. No However, its safety is high.


This is an access method that is currently used in most smartphones, especially in the mid and high range. If this is the case with your mobile phone, this is the most recommended method.

Its security can also be breached, but designing a 3D rendering of your fingerprint is a complicated job. And we are going to put our feet on the ground. You are not the Queen of England (although, if you read me Isabel Greetings!)

Facial recognition

There are several technologies that are used for facial recognition, some more effective than others. But as a general rule this is a secure access method. According to Apple, there is only one possibility out of a million that someone could violate this access rule.

Other unlocking methods

Recognition of the retina.         

Smart Lock .         

Detection of veins.         

Voice recognition.         

Choose the most comfortable method for you and guarantee the safety of your smartphone.