Christmas Deals Google Play
Free Christmas apps are nothing strange to Google Play, which keeps providing free offers and discounts throughout the year. 
However, today we rounded up some of the best 
Christmas deals on Google Play .

We first show you how to consult these offers directly in the app , and then dive into the current offers. Hurry up! There is still time.

5 Christmas deals on Google Play for 2020

It's great to be able to enjoy new apps and games, especially when we're on vacation for the Christmas holidays. Thinking about it, Google Play gives us a lot of free content, but how to see the Play Store offers?

To see the Google Play offers without leaving the app, you only need to enter the " Latest Sales " section. In the “ Now Free ” tab , only those that are free at the moment appear.

1. Free offers for a limited time

If you are looking for free app packs for Christmas, you will surely find excellent options on Google Play.

These are usually free for one limited time, and then return as or price lthough just will not be very expensive because at Christmas there are discounts on most content Play Store.

2. Christmas Coupon from Google Play Store

Christmas coupons from the Google Play Store are reduced by 50% on these holidays Offering discounts on your purchases of applications and games.

It is also possible to find coupon discounts for ebooks, music and movies So in addition to good entertainment, they could be excellent Christmas gifts for friends or family, if you are not quite sure what to give.

Christmas deals Google Play Ponturecarga

3. Annual Subscription Discount

With this current promotion, you will have access to hundreds of apps and games: without ads, without additional purchases and adding new titles every month .

New subscribers have 2 months free of service , and then pay monthly There is currently a 50% discount on the annual subscription, at € 29.99 per year.

4. Films and series free

It will be easier if you have a subscription to Google Play to find the movies and series for free. Well, Google will allow you to organize a marathon of your favorite series and movies, either by titles or genres .

Even some free Google Play apps can help you find what you want faster:

  • Free Christmas movies in Spanish
  • Spanish Latin movies and series
  • Arise- Free Horror Movies in Spanish
  • Old Movies- Oldies but Goldies
  • Telenovelas- Free Series in Spanish

5. Free apps and games

These days, you will find plenty of useful apps and games for free on Google Play. The applications will find Correlate, Lists, Star Link , etc .

And as for the games, the list is much more extensive: Sudoku Cartoon, Bubble Hero, Knight War: Idle Defense Pro, Monster vs Zombie VIP , and the highly recommended Let the Pharaoh FREE !!! Check frequently the new free offers on Google Play, we assure you daily surprises.

Now that you know how the Christmas offers work on Google Play, we invite you to enjoy them. Tell us what you think and leave us your opinion in the comments.