Etecsa December Promotion

The month of December begins and Cubacel already announces its new Christmas promotion so that this festive atmosphere reaches all homes, from our website: PONTURECARGA.COM can recharge your family member or friend and also if you want to buy a phone or Etecsa SIM Card easily, quickly and safely. Our ponturecarga team leaves you the details.

Promotion date:

- From 10 to 15 December (Cuba time)

Type of Promotion:

30CUC and 50CUC bonus

- Recharges between 20CUC and 29.99CUC apply for additional bonus of 30CUC

- Recharges between 30CUC and 50CUC apply for additional bonus of 50CUC

Bond validity:

It will depend on the amount charged.

- Until December 29 the refills between 20CUC and 29.99CUC. (Cuba time)

- Until January 6, 2019 the recharges between 30CUC and 50CUC. (Cuba time)

30CUC bonus expires on December 29, 2018 & 50CUC bonus expires on January 6. If both bonds are acquired the validity of both is until January 6. The customer Cubacel receives an SMS before the bonus expires.

- Recharge 20 CUC. 30 CUC bonus Receive 50 CUC

- Recharge 29.99 CUC. 30 CUC bonus Receive 59.99 CUC

- Recharge 30 CUC. 50 CUC bonus. Receive 80 CUC

- Recharge 35 CUC. 50 CUC bonus. Receive 85 CUC

- Recharge 40 CUC. 60 CUC bonus. Receive 100 CUC

- Recharge 50 CUC. 80 CUC bonus Receive 130 CUC

- Recharge 55 CUC. 80 CUC bonus Receive 135 CUC

- Recharge 60 CUC. 90 CUC bonus Receive 150 CUC

- Recharge 80 CUC. 120 CUC bonus. Receive 200 CUC

Balance and bonus discount:

The bonus is discounted first, then Nauta plans and bag and finally the main balance.

Restriction of the bonus:

Mail Nauta from your mobile or MMS. In these cases of deduction of the main balance. The bonus can not be transferred to other Cubacel clients, only the main balance can be transferred.

Note: The additional bonus can be used for local and international calls and SMS (including SMS entumóvil)

A customer can receive multiple recharges, as long as it does not exceed the maximum rechargeable amount allowed for the main balance and the bonus, this is 3,000 CUC and 5,000 CUC respectively. If the maximum is reached, the client can not receive more recharges.

The credited bonus is not shown on the ticket delivered to customers in physical stores, but the bonus is credited to the client Cubacel. This promotion is carried out by Cubacel.

Balance / bonus check: Main balance is consulted through * 222 # and the bonus through * 222 * 266 # at no cost.