Ponturecarga Cuban Summer

Cubacel already announces its "Summer" promotion for this month of June, our ponturecarga team leaves you the details.


Promotion date:



- From 11 to 15 June (Cuba time)


Type of Promotion:



-Recharges between 15CUC and 19.99CUC apply for additional bonus of 20CUC (valid until July 8)



- Recharges between 20CUC and 39.99CUC apply for additional bonus of 10CUC, 60 minutes, 50 SMS


- Refills between 40CUC and 59.99CUC apply for additional bonus of 20CUC, 120 minutes, 100 SMS


- Recharges from 60CUC apply for additional bonus of 30CUC, 180 minutes, 150 SMS


(valid until July 15)



Bond validity:



It will depend on the amount charged.


- Until July 8 the refills between 15CUC and 19.99CUC.

- Until July 15, the recharges between 20CUC and 60CUC.


Note: The additional voucher can be used for local and international calls, Nauta navigation, SMS voucher applied to send national and international SMS (including SMS Emmobile)


From our website: PONTURECARGA can recharge your family member and friend faith easily, quickly and safely.