Zayme Etecsa Promotion

The month of October begins and Cubacel announces its new promotion this time TRIPLE RECHARGE, from our website: PONTURECARGA.COM you can recharge your family member or friend and if you want to buy an Etecsa phone or SIM easily, quickly and safely. Our ponturecarga team leaves you the details.

Promotion date:

- From October 8 to 13 (Cuba time)

Type of Promotion:

-Triple recharge. 40 CUC bonus. Minimum amount to apply to promotion: 20 CUC.

- From 20 CUC. 40 CUC bonus. Receive 60 CUC

- From 30 CUC. 40 CUC bonus. Receive 70 CUC

- From 40 CUC. 80 CUC bonus Receive 120 CUC

- From 50 CUC. 80 CUC bonus Receive 130 CUC

- From 60 CUC. 120 CUC bonus. Receive 180 CUC

- From 80 CUC. Bonus of 160 CUC. Receive 240 CUC

Bond validity:

- Until October 31, 2018. In case the client still has a bonus from the previous promotion, the validity of said balance will NOT be extended and will continue until October 14, 2018.

Note: The additional voucher can be used for local and international calls, Nauta navigation, SMS voucher applied to send national and international SMS (including SMS Entumovil)

The customer can make multiple recharges, as long as it does not exceed the maximum amount established for their main account, for minutes bonus and SMS, which is up to 3,000 CUC, 8,575 CUC minutes and 33,335 SMS respectively. If you exceed this amount, you can not receive more recharges.

The customer receives a warning SMS before the expiration date of the bonus is met. The main balance inquiry is made through the *222# and the bonus balance in *222*266# , free of charge for the user Cubacel. The money bonus can be used for national and international calls and SMS (includes SMS entumóvil). The bonus does not apply to the use of Nauta mail in the mobile, in this case it will be deducted from the main balance. The bonus can not be transferred, it is only for the consumption of the line that is recharged, only the principal amount can be transferred. The client can make multiple recharges, as long as it does not exceed the maximum amount established for his main account and for the bonus, which is up to 3,000 CUC in both cases, if he exceeds this amount he will no longer be able to receive recharges. First, the voucher is deducted, then nauta plans and bag in case of having them contracted and then the main balance. The amount received indicated on the recharge confirmation ticket does not show the bonus, however, the phone will receive the promotional balance. This promotion is carried out by Cubacel.