Cubacel Promo of Mother´s day @ Ponturecarga


It does not matter if you start a day later, these types of gifts can wait.

The customary offer for the users of Cubacel arrives to this month of May. And our ponturecarga team leaves you the details:

Promotion date:

From May 14 to 19 (Cuba time)

Type of Promotion:

-A starting at 20cuc, additional 40cuc bonus

-A starting at 40cuc, additional 80cuc bonus

-Recharge of 60cuc, additional bonus of 120cuc

The additional bonus can be used for local and international calls, Nauta navigation, SMS voucher applied to send national and international SMS (including SMS Emumovil)

Bond validity:

-Up to June 17, 2018 (Cuba time)


The period of this promotion is from May 14, 2018 at 00.01 (Cuba time) to May 19 at 23:59 (Cuba time). The 40CUC promotional bonus applies for recharges received by the Cubacel customer between 20CUC and 50CUC. The bonus has a validity date until June 17 and Cuba time depending on the amount charged and the main bonus is valid for 330 days from the date of the recharge. In the event that the client still has a promotional bonus from the previous promotion, if he acquires this promotion that promotional balance is added to the new one and they will have valid until June 17 depending on the amount of the recharge. The bonus can not be transferred to other Cubacel customers. The customer receives a warning SMS before the expiration date of the bonus is met. The main balance inquiry is made through the * 222 # and the bonus balance in * 222 * 266 #, free of charge for the user Cubacel. The voucher can be used on all services available to prepaid customers of Cubacel at the same rates as for prepaid customers. First, the bonus is discounted until it runs out, then the Nauta plans and stock exchange and finally the main balance is deducted.

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