-What is blockchain

-Find out what it is blockchain and what this technology is used for.

The blockchain has changed the form of make value transactions in Inter net.It is a technology system online that eliminates the intermediary and makes it easier to move assets from person to person.

Its operation may appear complicated but really easy to understand if we simplify the actions that make up this system.

In this article you we show what is blockchain and what it is for < span style="line-height: 21.600000381469727px;">.Discover everything about this technology.

What is blockchain ?

The technology blockchain is a system that allows data transfer in a secure way thanks to a combination of codes.It works through a chain of blocks that are distributed on several nodes throughout the network.

Generally compared to a ledger where the inflows and outflows of money are recorded.Although in this case, the blockchain has a bit more complexity.

What is Blockchain

How does the
blockchain ?

1- Two people Maria and Pedro decide to exchange valuable assets, be they mon virtual edas like the bitcoin or an educational degree.
2- The transaction is sent to a node block, along with other pending transactions.
3- Nodes, computers known as miners, validate or not transactions, based on mathematical calculations.
4- Each block of verified transactions is sealed with a hash, a code that equals the fingerprint of each block.
5- The transaction becomes valid and the value unit is moved from Maria's account to Pedro's.

This is considered blockchain is impossible to classify.Each block contains information from the hashes of previous blocks by setting u a chain of records that makes the process more secure and reliable.

What is the blockchain ?

This exchange system Information can be useful for any situation that involves keeping the information intact, secure, decentralized and cheaper., that if we do it through intermediaries.

So the blockchain can be used to store documents securely without the risk of that may be falsified or visited by unauthorized users.This alternative is already possible thanks to the project Proof of Existence

Also, this technology enables the connection between computers in a safe and reliable way, without the need for a supplier company.

With the blockchain it is possible to validate, trace, verify and store any type of information as virtual currency transactions, digital documents, contracts, logistics services and much more.

Storj is one of the first initiatives by blockchain to store information in an encrypted and secure way.

Technology evolves more faster than our own context.When we talk about blockchain it seems that we are referring to topics from the distant future .But nothing is further from reality.

Although international financial institutions have not yet validated this technology, the blockchain is already implements for millions of digital solutions and experts predict a long journey.