Signal Ponturecarga

In our daily life, specifically when sending instant messages to our family, friends or acquaintances, very few people choose to use the 
Signal application Therefore we explain what Signal is and how it works.

We take this application because we think that many times it has been undervalued by users Therefore to then we bring their Featu sticas and main functions:

What is Signal Essential features

Signal is nothing more than an instant messaging application that can be used as an alternative to WhatsApp or Telegram This is an app very focused on offering the ma ima privacy to customers , so it is not surprising that the advanced users know better and adopt for themselves .

It was better known from 2015 in the hands of Edward Snowden who claimed it was the application he used for his messages on a daily basis. In 2016, its desktop version was launched and later the number of people who used it grew enormously due to its message in the fight against censorship and government espionage.

One of the great characteristics of Signal is that it is open source, with transparent operation This means that anyone who mistrusts this app can go to Github where the codes of all versions of this application are found for Android, iOS and E scritorio systems in search of any errors or hidden traps.

Another of its characteristics is that it uses an end-to-end encryption protocol OWS (Open Whispers System by default in all its conversations In which the messages that come out of our mobile are sent encrypted to the receiver, and only the same can decrypt them. With this we win that if they manage to intercept the messages on the road, nobody will be able to read them.

Without a doubt, one of its best attributes is security, and for this reason it also offers us the option of self-destruction of the messages sent In which we can configure the self-destruction time between 5 seconds and 1 week, so that messages sent are automatically deleted in the established time.

Signal Ponturecarga

How does Signal work Step by step to register

This application is very easy to use, if you have the basic knowledge of WhatsApp or Telegram But in the case of not being so we show you the basic steps for first use:

  1. Download the application from a secure source
  2. Once installed on our devices, run it for the first time and accept its license .
  3. Guarantee you the permissions to access your contacts and notifications .
  4. Enter your mobile number, account name and profile photo to identify yourself as a user
  5. Set a safety pin This encrypts our account on the application servers and prevents any unwanted access. Thus, when installing it in another device, it guarantees the conservation of our configurations

Do you think this application suits your security or instant messaging needs? Would you switch from WhatsApp or Messenger to Signal Leave us your opinion and experiences.