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We tell you what a reconditioned mobile is and if it is worth buying or having a mobile phone with these conditions.

Buying a reconditioned mobile has its advantages and disadvantages, like everything. However, there are certain aspects that should be taken into account when deciding on one of these devices.

In today's article, we explain what it means for a Smartphone to be reconditioned, as well as the most important specifications that should appear in the product description.

General characteristics of reconditioned mobiles

Refurbished mobiles are devices that have been returned by the customer to the factory, either because it has a defect, or because it has been exchanged for a more modern device This happens most often with the Iphone and Samsung brands .

The factories reintroduce these mobiles in the review cycle prior to sale, and deliver it to the new customer with all the guarantees that the product would have if it were new.

Not only do manufacturers have these options , but they can also be found in wholesalers, who often offer significant discounts on the market price.

But what kinds of damage can they have? Do reconditioned mobiles work like new ones?

All this depends on the level of reconditioning , and that is one of the specifications that you should check when you are about to buy a mobile with these characteristics. Next, we will comment on these levels:

New Refurbished

These phones are the ones that have had a problem during transport or storage. Sometimes it is something as insignificant as the boxes having been damaged, or they were returned within the first 2 weeks of being sold. The functioning and physical state is like that of a new mobile.

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Used Refurbished

In this category fall those smartphones that have been returned to exchange them for a new and more recent model These are checked, cleaned and fixed for any damage, and then put on sale. The price is always much lower than that of a New Refurbished equipment.

Decomposed and reconditioned

When a mobile is returned to the manufacturer because it does not work, a new one is given to the customer. Now, the faulty Smartphone is repaired and once again put on sale It is the most common type of refurbished mobile on the market, and they usually come with a reduced or no warranty .

Advantages and disadvantages of a reconditioned mobile

Maybe you 're thinking of buy a Iphone area conditioned, after all among smartphones, the brand apple bite has numerous guarantees.

Well, before taking that step, the main advantages that we can cite when buying a reconditioned mobile are:

  • Lower price, being able to go from 20% to 50% of the original price.
  • Some mobiles have a warranty similar to that of a new product.
  • We have different levels of reconditioning.

As for the disadvantages:

  • Some smartphones have no warranty at all .
  • They can present problems in the short or medium term.
  • In the case of mobiles from foreign manufacturers, they could have problems with the networks and connectivity of your country.
  • Some equipment has irreparable damage, such as bumps or scratches.

Buying a reconditioned mobile can be an excellent decision, considering that the frequency with which we change our phones is practically annually. This represents not only significant savings , but also a notable contribution to the environment.

Just be sure to check the reconditioning level, warranties, and actual physical condition of the device Do you dare to buy one?