2nd Prize Cubacel July 2018

Cubacel announces its second promotion of the month of July and our team leaves the details:


Date of promotion:

- From 23 to 28 July (Cuba time)


Type of Promotion:

30CUC and 50CUC bonus

- Recharges between 20CUC and 29.99CUC apply for an additional bonus of 30CUC

- Recharges between 30CUC and 50CUC apply for additional bonus of 50CUC


Bond validity:

Depend & aacute; of the recharged amount.

- Until August 18 the refills between 20CUC and 29.99CUC.(Cuba time)

- Until August 22 the refills between 30CUC and 50CUC.(Cuba time)


If an existing customer has a promotional balance from the previous promotion, when he acquires this promotion, the previous promotional balance will be.added to the new balance and the validity of the bonus will be until August 18 or 22, 2018 depending on the amount that has been charged.If the client acquires both types of bonus, the validity of the bonus that prevails.will be until August 22, 2018.


Note: The additional voucher can be used for local and international calls, Nauta navigation, SMS voucher applied to send national and international SMS (including SMS Emumovil)

A customer can receive multiple refills, as long as it does not exceed the maximum rechargeable amount allowed for the main balance and the bonus, this is 3,000 CUC and 5,000 CUC respectively.If the maximum is reached, the client will not be able to; receive more recharges.