This top goes through the most successful on the market, the most suitable for men or women, and the best options in terms of quality-price. 
Without further ado, we start with the first:

1.Apple Watch Series 5

smartwatch t echnology to punt to which has a sporty look but still stylish Due to these characteristics it is the best for men. Its functions make it unnecessary to use your iPhone at all.

You can answer messages and calls, listen to music, access Siri , as well as being able to use multiple fitness options and different training modes for indoors and outdoors For monitoring your health, it incorporates alerts for heart rate, SOS for falls, measurement of environmental noise, etc.

The only drawback is its incompatibility with smartphones of Android 

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch

This is one of the m ejores watches intelligent woman, mainly because of its elegant design with round dial and possibility of changing both the dial and the strap and lighting effects .

As for its benefits, it has all the ones you could need. With it you will control many aspects of your health, from calorie intake to patterns such as the quality of sleep. It has a Tizen operating system , compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 9.0 onwards.

It will allow you to scroll through the screens by turning the crown , in case it is difficult to manipulate such small sphere. As a disadvantage , we could only say that it does not have a virtual assistant.

Smartwatch Ponturecarga

3.Willful SW016

One of the best value for money smartwatches , with autonomy of two days is the Willful SW016. It has a design similar to Apple Watch and allows you to monitor your daily activity , except when you go swimming, as it is not waterproof.


It has support for a SIM card, so it is possible to make and answer calls In addition to being able to add a TF card, in case you want to store images, music or applications. The only drawback is that it only allows you to install apps for Android, not for iPhone.


4.Huawei Watch 2

This smartwatch offers a lot of benefits, through the possibility of NFC payments, quick workout options, monitoring health status, etc In addition to this can s to insert your SIM card, so you'll stay connected to 4G and not miss any notification of mensa jes or social networks.

It has an autonomy of 40 hours in stand- by , and it is not submersible These would be its biggest disadvantages.

5.Amazfit Bip Xiaomi

Despite not being waterproof and not allowing to answer calls or messages, the Amazfit has a long battery life of more than 3 weeks and multiple customization possibilities .


You will receive notifications from social networks , messaging and calls, and you will have the option to monitor and achieve your fitness goals. Among the smartphones created by Amazfit , this is the most complete.


Now that you know the best smartwatches on the market, which one would you choose?


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