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Although this has been an atypical year for everyone, with a huge impact on the economic sector, the sale of smartphones did not stop. 
However, the figures are well below the sales recorded last year 2019 
on these dates.

It expected that, due to border closures, the expense of production and the alarm by numerous infections during the pandemic, the sale and shipment phone smart around the world, diminish considerably.

However, not all smartphone companies suffered equally. Next, we tell you which were the most affected brands, as well as which were the best-selling phones in 2020.

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Brands of smartphones most affected by the pandemic


The year-on-year drop in the sale of smartphones decreased by 13% between the first months of 2020. While the shipment of phones suffered a drop of 16%.

Those most affected by this health crisis, which led to an unprecedented economic crisis, were the companies Samnsung and Huawei. The year decline of these companies was n 17% and 18% respectively, while Apple had a decline between 5% and 12%.

As you can see, the clear winner in this fight for survival has been the giant Apple, being its best-selling smartphone so far this year the iPhone 1 This smartphone reached the significant figure of more than 18 million units sold.

Do you know how many units the company that is positioned in second place managed to sell? The figure will surprise you. We show you below

Best selling phones in 2020


The first position in this ranking has already been revealed. The iPhone 11 is the undisputed leader in the leaderboard where the best-selling phones of 2020 are located ro, What are the other phones intelligent best sellers ?

In the following lines we show you the other best-selling smartphones this year.

1- iPhone 11 (more than 18 million units sold)     

2- Redmi Note 8 8T (more than 8 million units sold)      

3- Samsung Galaxy A51 (More than 6 million units sold)     

4- Samsung Galaxy A10 (5 million units sold approximately)     

5- Redmi Note 8 Pro ( about 5 million units sold)     

The sales figures shown represent an approximate of the units actually sold )

As you can see, Apple outperformed its competitors, but radically, since it shows a difference of about 10 million units more than the second place on the list.

For its part, the technology giant Samsung had to settle for third place, given that strangely enough, the best-selling Android smartphone belongs to the Xiaomi company.