Smartphones Trends

The use of smartphones intensifies every year and many are the users who opt for a mobile phone with these benefits. The use of virtual reality and artificial intelligence are just some of the smartphone trends that have been incorporated in recent years.

Regarding its use, the increase in online commerce through smartphones and the realization of almost all commercial transactions through mobile devices stands out.

In this article we will be talking about what are the trends in the use and technology of smartphones that are on the rise in recent years.

Smartphone Trends: Rising Technologies

In the first point of this post we will be talking about what will be new from the technological point of view that we are and we will be seeing in the most advanced smartphones.

One of the elements that are being transformed is the shape of the phones. Changes in this regard have ranged from the classic Nokia ’Nokia brick’ ’to folding smartphones such as those of the Samsung Galaxy or Xiaomi.

For this reason, the experts assure that the forms will continue to change in order to offer the user a unique experience.

Another trend is focused on software technology and in this case artificial intelligence and virtual reality are two essential pillars on which they support the novelties of new smartphones.

Smartphones Trends Ponturecarga

Trends in the use of Smartphones

Regarding the use of these mobile phones; What can we tell you that you don't know anymore? With telling you that more than 90% of people look at their phone in an hour less once they wake up. Many are the first to see him as soon as he gets up.

So one of the most important trends is the intensification of its use.

Online commerce via mobile phone is another important premise in this regard. Payment platforms such as Paypal, virtual wallets such as the one you can use at Ponturecarga, as well as other means to carry out mobile transactions, have led to the increase in this trend.

Statistics assure that by 2025 around 96% of commerce will be online and we are sure that smartphones will have a leading role in this regard.

The use of 4G and 5G networks will have a greater degree of generalization with the aim of making user navigation faster.


The smartphone and mobile phone sector constitutes a changing and variable market. It is constantly evolving due to the high level of competition between the most powerful companies.

For this reason, the trends that we tell you today, may be part of the past tomorrow. So we will surely talk about smartphone trends again on another occasion.

For now, tell us your opinion about these news.