Types of enclosures

Smartphones are a fundamental part of our day to day, so we personalize their appearance in order to feel more identified with them.There are various types of mobile phone case , which vary depending on the design, materials and purpose.

In this article we share with you the different types of covers, their characteristics and which one is the best according to your needs.

Types of mobile phone case

Each of these covers has an intention specific, and within each type there are variations.Pay attention to the differences so you can determine which one you prefer:

1.Thin silicone sleeves

These covers are very easy to buy and extremely inexpensive.

In fact, many mobiles come with one included in their purchase.They are usually made of silicone or resin and fit the device .The fact of being transparent allows the original design of the Smartphone to be seen.

They tend to break over time and darken from the sun.In addition, they are not effective to protect the screen of our mobile.

2.Book-style covers

These covers protect the Smartphone by covering the back and front.

Many models are magnetized, which ensures that they remain closed when we are not using the mobile.Some include a window to the screen.This way, we don't have to open the case when a notification or call arrives.

Although it is a very attractive and sophisticated design , it is cumbersome to make calls or take photos due to the volume it adds.

3.Rugged covers

Of the types of mobile phone case , these are the ones known as“ proof of everything ”, ideal for somewhat careless people who have already broken more than one Smartphone.

In this model, the case provides a lot of extra weight and protection to the device, in addition to exceeding the screen by several millimeters, making it almost impossible for it to break, although its design is somewhat rustic.

They are one of the most expensive cases on the market, but believe me that replacing your phone because it is destroyed by a fall will be much more expensive.

4.Bumper type covers

phones with a bumper shell attract a lot of attention due to the way they modify the design of the phone.

These cases were popularized by Apple when they were given as a solution to the problem that the Iphone 4 had with their metal antennas, which caused problems with coverage when making calls.

They are available in many colors and are available for almost all types of mobile phones, but they leave the screen completely unprotected.

5.Smart covers

The smart covers show incoming calls and messages and various notifications through LEDs incorporated into their design.

These types of covers are only available for some high-end mobiles, but they provide a very attractive appearance and their functions are specially adjusted to the type of mobile for which they are designed.

What is the best option?

That will depend on your mobile, because if it is made with very resistant materials you can choose more varied models.If it is a more fragile mobile, it is better to opt for a rugged case.

So which of these types of phone case do you prefer?