Google App

Google , our com pany logo search I nternet and said by the way , the mother of A ndroid, n will offer another of its many services in the form of applications G oogle or oogle apps.

These have been created for the Android platform in order to facilitate communications and daily use on our mobile devices. We invite you to discover some of the many apps created by this company.

plications of G oogle

Two of the big questions we have would be: What are the Google applications? And what should we use them for?

Yes, this company has studied the market and over time has created countless apps for all kinds of uses and users Achieving great versatility in its considerable bank of applications.

Then , we mentioned a number of Google apps. They are not all Google applications, since we would not have enough time to mention them in their entirety.

1. Gmail

How many of us do not know this app? It is one of the most used email clients on mobile devices , presented by Google for its users.

2. Google Home

This application, focused on the control of smart homes, was formerly known as Chromecast From it we can control all compatible electronic devices such as Smart TVs that are in our home .

3. Hangouts

It is an almost obsolete app on the Google platform, but we can still download it and use it for our purposes. It allows us to manage our instant messaging .

Google App Ponturecarga

4. Duo

Google Duo has become one of the most popular apps when it comes to making video calls, thanks to its great simplicity and ease of use .

5. Telephone

It will allow us to make calls and it has several options , such as Google Material Theme design spam detection among others .

6. Google Pay

We possess long as we one mobile with NFC near field communication or near field communication ) and our bank has support for this tool can use this payment platform Google .

7. Google Arts Culture VR

One of the applications that immerse us in the world of art and culture, allowing us to virtually visit museums, monuments and works Its only drawback would be the additional use of compatible virtual reality glasses.

8. Google Analytics

When we have a website, we want to know what part of the planet and the number of users who visit us every day : this is one of the best apps that Google we p ou can provide for that purpose.

9. Family Link

A very useful tool in case you need parental control if we are parents concerned about the well-being of our children online .

10. Authenticator

Google Authenticator is an app that allows us to authenticate in two steps of all our platforms and services Stores also NDO our login codes.


Do you know any of these Google applications? Would you like to know other apps that this company offers us? Let us know your concerns in the comments.