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If, like many of us, you feel that time is not enough to carry out all the activities you have planned During the day, you surely want to know how to be more productive.

Therefore, in this article we show you we show 3 applications to improve productivity in your daily routine.

In the previous blog article we discussed some tricks to work with your mobile phone and make the most of it.This time we bring you information about some very useful tools to work from either your mobile or PC.

If you feel like you don't have enough time to complete all your earrings, discover these 3 applications to improve productivity and organize your day efficiently.

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3 applications to improve productivity

All the applications that appear in this list have been used thousands of times.For this reason, the ranking you will see below is organized according to the apps that seemed most useful and efficient to me when increasing my productivity at work.

<! - [if! supportLists] ->1.</span ><! - [endif] ->Todoist

Todoist is the mobile app of choice for more than 10 millions of users s.It is a software that allows you to write down all the tasks in a categorized way so as not to lose sight of any of the earrings that you have both at work and in your personal life.

It can be used by a single user, although it is also used by work teams.In this way, it is very easy to organize the tasks that each member of the team must do and to have in view what each one should do and has done.

<! - [if! supportLists] ->2.</span ><! - [endif] ->Trello

But if we talk about teamwork, the best application is without a doubt Trello .Through a very simple, visual and intuitive interface it is possible to work together on the same project.

This free application allows you to organize the project in different phases and assign cards to each of the team members so that they have of course what are your specific tasks.

<! - [if! supportLists] ->3.</span ><! - [endif] ->Tick Tick

This is the app that I generally use for my work related tasks.It has an inbox to organize the slopes you have every day , but it also offers other very useful features to increase productivity.

In the timer section you will find a stopwatch that allows you to use the pomodoro technique to control working time.This technique consists of working intervals of 25 to 30 and having breaks of 5 minutes.

Although the work and rest time can be configured as you wish, the pomodoro technique as I have described it is very effective for improve productivity.

Tick Tick also has a section to create healthy habits, where you can set reminders to drink water, exercise, study a language and much plus.