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There are many 
ways to pay in stores with your smartphone. And I do not mean online shopping because I know that this would not be one novelty for you. I'm sure you have read our article on how to buy with your mobile safely and you are already aware of everything. 

For this reason, today I want to talk to you specifically about the payment methods most used to pay in shops, stores and other physical establishments.

The debit or credit card has already been forgotten, not to mention the cash. Mobile payment apps have become the safest way to pay for your products or services , either online or in physical stores.

The mobile is your new card.

In this article, we list which are the preferred ones of the users who choose this payment method.

Pay Smartphone

The 3 applications to pay in stores with your smartphone

The apps that we show you below offer numerous advantages to users in order to pay for products, services, make transfers, use different currencies and even manage the expenses of your accounts.

However, each one has its specificities of which we will tell you in detail below.

Apple Pay

Experts recommend betting on the native services of smartphones as long as the banks where our accounts are located allow it. Therefore, the first two options that I show you are Apple Pay and Google Pay .

In the case of the first one, it comes pre-installed in iOS so you just have to add your cards and that's it.

Google Pay

With Google Pay you can pay both in physical stores and online businesses. All this, it does without the need to share your bank details. It only issues an encrypted number to ecommerce or physical establishments and with this the payment can be made.

Unlike Apple Pay , Google Pay is not installed as a native application on Android phones. You must download it from the Play Store.

Samsung Pay

This app only works if your device belongs to the Samsung company. It has a high level of protection with Knox technology and like the previous programs you can add bank cards and also get loyalty cards.

A plus that Samsung Pay offers is its Samsung Rewards rewards system Program in which you accumulate points for each purchase.

These are the 3 forms of payment in stores with your smartphone that you can use. However, you also have other options.

The official applications of the banks where your accounts are (Remember to download them from the official sites as I told you in this post ).         

Applications that allow the sending of money between individuals such as Bizum Paypal or TransferWise .