Payment Methods

The purchase and sale of services and products online has transformed the forms of consumption that we users have.  Consequently, a large number of online platforms have appeared that they use to make transactions online.  In this way, products and services are paid without having to go to the bank or physical establishments.

 But;  Do you know how many online payment methods currently exist?

 5 Online payment methods

 Online businesses, with the aim of facilitating the customer's purchasing process, offer various payment methods.  In this way, the user chooses the one that best suits him, be it for the region in which he lives, the commissions, the privacy of the data, among other reasons.

 Not offering the right online payment method for your client is one of the reasons why the user abandons their shopping cart.

 For this reason, in this article we discover 5 online payment methods.  Know the right platform for your client.

 1- Paypal


 Paypal has become one of the safest and most reliable payment platforms for users.  It is the forerunner of Internet transactions and has managed to remain among those preferred by consumers of online products and services.

 2- Virtual wallet

 Virtual wallets like Paypal, in general, are excellent options for making online payments quickly and safely.  For example, at you only have to transfer the money to your virtual wallet and you can recharge the balance of any mobile phone number.

 3- Transferwise


 This is the perfect platform for international transactions.  The real exchange rate of the day is applied and you avoid the irregularities that many banks make with the exchange rates.  So you can buy products and services from anywhere in the world.

 Register on the platform through this link Transferwise

 4- Credit card

Credit Card

 Despite the rise of online transactions using virtual wallets, credit card payment remains one of the most widely used online payment methods.  However, the fear of being part of a fraud is one of the reasons why many users reject this route.

 5- Virtual currency

Virtual Currency

 Do not confuse virtual currency with virtual wallets.

 The most used virtual currencies with cryptocurrencies, especially the bitcoin that so many followers have won.  However, it is a system where there is no centralized control and therefore has not generated the support of international financial institutions.

 These are some of the most used online payment methods to buy and sell products or services on the internet.  You only have to choose the one that best suits you or offer your clients the one that best suits them.

 And you;  What online payment method do you prefer?