Iphone Tricks

In a previous post we were talking about tricks you can do with your phone if its operating system is Android (If you have not seen the post in this link you will find it).

This time we will do the same, but with the other giant in this type of technology: iPhone (Well, specifically its IOS operating system).

We know that many users prefer this system for numerous reasons.In fact, the iPhone is considered a technological consumer product, but also as part of a lifestyle that grants a certain status.

In this article we tell you about 4 IOS tricks that you may not have known .

Iphone Tricks Ponturecarga

Top 4 IOS tricks that will surprise you

It is normal that sometimes we miss some of the functions and potentials that our Smartphones have.There are so many that we have to discover them for ourselves by investigating each tab of the phone.

Therefore, below we tell you about 5 of the least known IOS tricks that will surely make you smile.

Shall we begin?

  1. ‘Do not disturb’ but intelligently

The ‘Do Not Disturb’ function is very useful for when we are together and other situations where we do not want to be interrupted by a call or notification.But sometimes we forget to disable it and realize that we have a lot of missed calls.

The IOS ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature can be activated for only a short time.

If you hold down the icon, two options will appear: "Until I leave here" (it is deactivated when the geolocation system detects that you have left the site) or "Until the meeting ends" (based on your calendar and the time you have determined the duration of this event).

2. Undo actions

This IOS hack is a classic of iPhones, so you should probably know it already.You only have to shake the device to undo the last action performed.This way if you inadvertently delete something, you can get it back quickly.

3. Share photos

Users always seek to minimize the time of the actions we carry out with our smartphone.

If you want to share several photos at the same time, a quick way to do it is to select the first one and slide your finger to the right or down to add more images to the selection.

4. Siri the all terrain

This is a multiple trick since you will see that with Siri you can do many things.For example, if you tell them to turn off all alarms, you no longer have to go one by one.If you want Siri to be a man you can change his voice in the settings. And so on the Siri functions are endless.

And these are some of the IOS tricks that you can try with your Smartphone.Tell us if they have worked for you and if you know of others do not forget to tell us in the comments they are about.