Tricks Andoid Ponturecarga

Many applications promise to improve the performance of the mobile and the only thing they achieve is to slow it down or drain the RAM. Installing this type of apps is a beginner mistake that we have all made at some point.

Although there are some very useful apps to save battery life on your smartphone and we will tell you everything in this post.

But the truth is that, without applications, with the features of your smartphone you can optimize the mobile in a few seconds.

Below, we show you the best tricks to improve the performance of your Android without using deceptive applications.

5 Tricks Android

5 tricks to improve the performance of your Android phone

The numerous applications and files that we have on our mobile phone make it get slower and slower. When you notice that your phone is slowing down try some of the tricks that we tell you below.

1. Analyze the apps that consume the most and act

Uninstall all the apps you don't use. Those that cannot be uninstalled can be disabled in the applications section in the settings.

In the Battery section you can check which applications consume the most and take measures in this regard. You can ‘Force stop’ to stop consuming.

2. Clear the cache

Cache data is information that is stored on your mobile from the installation and use of numerous applications. Although they can be useful if you use a certain application a lot, the truth is that they are known as junk files that only take up space on your smartphone.

To remove them you just have to go to the Storage tab in the Settings and delete them.

3. Disable notifications

But only from the apps that interest you least. In addition to being annoying, notifications slow your phone down.

To choose which notifications you want to receive and which not, just go to Settings / Notifications and all the applications will appear. Turn notifications on or off as you see fit and go.

4. Turn off automatic updates

When we are connected to the Internet it is one of the times when the battery and RAM of the mobile phone are drained the most.

For this reason, it is advisable to deactivate the updates of applications in the background, which in addition to consuming connection data, cause the phone to become slower and slower.

5. Reset or restore the factory data of your smartphone

These are the last options, although the restart is not so drastic. This contributes to updating all processes allowing it to be optimized instantly.

In the case of a factory reset, this is the last and definitive solution to improve the performance of your smartphone. Before doing so, make sure to save a backup so you don't lose any settings or personal data