Create your user by filling in all the data requested by the form with basic personal information. Once completed we will send you a confirmation email with your login, username and password you have chosen and with the same access to make the international refills you want from your profile.
Top up is simple, choose the country you want to recharge, enter the phone number, select the operator and then the amount of balance to recharge. Proceeds to the payment and ends the operation receiving a ticket instantly with the confirmation of the purchase.
Yes, you can pay with your currency. The system will do the conversion automatically. It is SAFE AND RELIABLE your money will be in good hands with us. Our market-leading technology protects your money and ensures you arrive safe every time you do an operation. We are authorized by government regulators around the world, our system does not store any information regarding your credit or debit cards. Our payment system meets the highest standards.
If your payment has been denied, please try to pay again after verifying that your card details are correct and that you have sufficient funds to complete the payment. If your payment was denied on several occasions, contact us from the email saved in your account, and we will do our best to help you.
How to add balance to your virtual wallet
To add balance to your virtual wallet you must follow the following steps:
BBVA-ES77 0182 9465 6302 0556 7726
-Metropolitan Bank (Cuba) -Card 9200959874410083
Name and email
-Send confirmation email to with the amount deposited and Name